Welcome to YSS Engineering Steel Structual Specialization!

Yap Swee Sang Engineering Sdn Bhd was established in 1994, specializing in Structural Steel Works and Plant Heavy Machinery Installation.

With its long established experience and acumen in the field of fabrication of steel products and steel related works, machinery installation and general building contraction works, Yap Swee Sang Engineering Sdn Bhd is well known for quality, efficiency and success.

Since the Company’s reputation has been built on the solid foundation of more than hundred major and minor projects through its network of highly skilled personnel and resourceful machinery, Yap Swee Sang Engineering Sdn Bhd is able to undertake all tasks, no matter how complex or demanding.
It is the Company’s policy to be work in touch with the foreign/local experts, to fully utilise the latest methods of application of fabrication and installation works.

Expertise in:

  • Steel Structure
  • Steel Fabrication
  • MS Facade Support
  • MS Skylight
  • MS Canopy

This gives the Company’s skilled work force ability to upgrade their efficiency and quantity and hence towards achieved professionally with engineering expertise, dynamic approach to problem solving and spirit of dedicated service.

The Company will continue growth strategies and strive for even greater levels of efficiency, service & quality.